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Goria Automation was started in 1996 in India with core business into instrumentation & controls but with multi years experience into automation, we are now full service company providing concept to commissioning services. Over the years we have served our clients and environment by saving energy, improving product quality with real time monitoring and control systems. Our relationships with our suppliers are a key strength in allowing us to maintain the high standards of product availability for our customers. We have successfully executed small to large instrumentation  & controls projects in the cold storage, hydro power plants, food and beverage, water treatment, plastics, chemicals, petroleum, metal manufacturing, paper & pulp, fertilizer, power plans and feed & grain industries.

Our head office and calibration lab is located in industrial area, Ludhiana. Our calibration lab is equipped with precision calibrators & test equipment having traceability to National Standards. We also provide on site calibration & maintenance of field instruments, troubleshooting & maintenance of PLCs, VFDs & Control Panels. We have expertise in Pressure, Temperature, Level, Flow measurement & controls.

Our manufacturing plant is located at G.T. Road  Bija, Ludhiana easily approachable by road, train and air. We manufacturer Energy Recovery Ventilators for Commercial & Industrial plants with niche market share in Cold Storage facilities.

We have extensive sales & service network across India and abroad. Our instrumentation strength helps us to supply fully automated Heat Recovery Solution to client which not only helps them to achieve maximum efficiency but also big saving on total cost of product.

We communicate with you in easy to understand terms and find creative ways to solve complex problems. So, whether you need system migration, integration or expansion, we are here to help make your project successful in time. No matter what type of controls and automation project you have, Goria Automation can help you solve it. We are truly here when you need us.




 Industrial Instrumentation

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  • Annual Calibration contracts as per ISO guide lines.
  • Scheduled maintenance service contracts. 
  • PLC and Instruments troubleshooting, maintenance, and support.
  • On call 24/7  troubleshooting & maintenance services.
  • Single source of hard to find instruments & PLC cards.

Our technicians are qualified to test and calibrate almost commonly used field instruments such as temperature controller, flow meters, thermocouples, RTD sensors, pressure transmitters, differential pressure, flow elements, pressure gauges, level transmitters, pH meters, data loggers etc.

Goria Automation has a team of dedicated & experienced technicians to provide prompt service to our clients. Our calibration lab is equipped with precision calibrators & test equipments having traceability to National Standards. We provide on site calibration & maintenance of field instruments, troubleshooting & maintenance of PLCs , VFDs & Control Panels.


Cold Storage Facilities:

Fruits and vegetables continue to ‘breathe’ or respire after they have been harvested. This process consumes oxygen and produces carbon dioxide. Excessively high carbon dioxide can damage product. In order to control excess CO2 , fresh air is induced into cold storage facilities but it results into heat loss and direct loss of revenue by running compressors extra time to meet desired temperature.

Energy Recovery Ventilator is a solution to overcome heat loss problem while keeping low levels of Carbon Dioxide levels in side cold storage. Accent Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) are the best choice for ventilating cold storage facilities. These units are designed to provide fresh air into the building while exhausting an equal amount of stale air to the outside. 

Air to air principle of energy transfer:

Goria Automation Energy Recovery Units (ERU) heat recovery is a plate or rotary type air-to-air heat exchange designed to provide maximum energy efficiency in ventilated systems where heated or cooled air is let out and outdoor air is let in. In applications where ventilation is required or recycling of the same air is not allowed, energy recovery wheels or plate heat exchangers are used to recover the energy from exhaust air. This reduces the initial investment in HVAC equipment and minimises operating costs.

Since HVAC equipment is typically the largest source of energy consumption in commercial buildings, ERU investments are economically justified for outdoor air makeup. In new HVAC installations ERUs also allow ventilated systems to be sized with smaller compressors, lowering initial costs of the HVAC package.


Principle advantages:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Sensible use of fossil energy carriers
  • Protects nature for future generation
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Improves employee functional efficiency


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